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Toshiba eStudio 350 Product Details
Toshiba eStudio 350
The e-STUDIO350 belongs to a new generation of Multi-Functional Peripherals. Developed in line with Toshiba’s unique Network Ready concept, it’s an all-in-one office solution with the power to satisfy all your communication needs.

It also arrives with the ability to impart Internet-enhanced versatility, without time-consuming application installation. Empower each member of your organisation, work smarter toward a unified goal - experience the networked advantages of the e-STUDIO350.

e-BRIDGE Technology - The e-STUDIO350 offers the advantage of “e-BRIDGE”- a unique Toshiba technology embracing all-in-one architecture for integrated copy, print, scan, and Internet fax capabilities; highly efficient, concurrent processing of multiple tasks; and a unified User Interface for enhanced userfriendly operation. Put simply, “e-BRIDGE” transforms office performance, making your organisation sharper, more effective, and much more efficient.

Easy expansion of network capabilities - The optional expansion kit for the e-STUDIO350 come in the form of compact plug-and-play “keys”, which make the insertion of new boards a thing of the past. Simply insert the “key” of your choice into one of the e-STUDIO’s USB sockets and new capabilities are unleashed. No installation, no hassle; just further functionality.

Anytime, anywhere connectability - IPP(Internet printing protocol) compliance

Support for the Internet printing protocol means that printouts can be easily made from mobile PCs anywhere by connecting through the Internet.

LDAP search/import - The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) search/import function lets you access your mail server’s address book in a seamless manner, eliminating the need to enter addresses each and every time you send Email. Such capability is of particular use when using features such as Scan to Email and Internet Fax.

Optional wireless LAN compatibility - With the ability to support IEEE802.11b (WiFi), the e-STUDIO350 offers a higher level of flexibility for the way your office does business.

Main Features
The e-STUDIO350 is a single-board device combining a copier with optional printer, scanner and networking features. These optional features can be easily and simply added at any time using expansion kits.


Copy - Full menu of copying features helps boost productivity

The e-STUDIO350 copies at 35 pages per minute, with a first-copy time of 3.9 seconds and a warm-up time of 20 seconds. It is a high-productivity machine that comes standard with electronic sorting, alternating portrait and landscape output, and duplex printing features.

Extensive media compatibility - The e-STUDIO350 can handle a full range of paper sizes from A5 to A3 (Statement - LD) -- not to mention overhead transparency sheets and heavyweight papers up to 209g/m2 (110 lbs index).

e-filing - e-filing adds versatility to file creation and storage.

The e-STUDIO350 HDD offers easy management and swift access, with ample space for scanned, copied, or printed data and received faxes. Stored documents can be easily printed at any time, combined or edited, and shared with others.

Box and folder convenience - File organization is made easy with virtual folders and boxes, including a Public Box, which allows easy access for all network members, and up to 200 individual User Boxes that can be easily set up by either the administrator or individual users.

e-filing Web utility - The e-filing Web utility allows each member of the network to benefit from the convenience of e-filing, with simple browser based control and user-friendly thumbnail-display.

Standard FileDownloader/TWAIN driver - Through use of the exclusive FileDownloader/TWAIN driver application, all stored data can be easily saved in PDF or TIFF format on your PC via the network.

Template - Just select a template and let the e-STUDIO350 do the rest.

Template creation capability lets you store frequently used settings for increased efficiency during scan, copy, and fax jobs, and make use of the e-filing function. The e-STUDIO350 even allows two different jobs to be saved in one template, so that with a single touch a job can be copied and filed.

Plentiful template settings - Up to 12,060 combinations (60 for public use and 12,000 for individual use) of settings can be easily registered via the control panel, or via any Web browser within your network. The ability to pre-set settings such as resolution, recipient address, and finishing options can add significant speed and convenience to repeat communications.


Print - Whatever your deadline, there’s always time to achieve professional looking results.
With the optional Printer or Printer/Scanner kit, the e-STUDIO350 speeds office activities with rapid 35ppm performance. There‘s also a wide range of optional finishers too, with the ability to meet your specific needs. Offering saddle stitch finish capability and a hole punch unit, they take efficiency to a new level by producing automatically sorted documents with a truly professional finish.

Combined technologies for optimal print quality
Combining 256-level halftoning and 2400 x 600dpi clarity, the e-STUDIO350 achieves faithful image reproduction and all-round sharpness. It also offers a variety of image modes, allowing you to achieve the best possible results whether you’re printing text, images, or a combination of both.

Scan - Scanning capability gives you a digital advantage.
Optional scanning capability makes it easy to convert paper documents into electronic files without the need for additional application programs. The e-STUDIO350 brings you all of these benefits at the impressive scanning speed of 50* pages per minute. It also speeds communication further with Scan to Email, a template function that eliminates the need to enter Email addresses each time, and an optional RADF that supports continuous scanning of double-sided originals. * When scanning single-sided A4/LT size originals at resolutions of up to 400dpi.

Scan to Email - Scan to Email allows paper documents to be digitised in either TIFF or PDF formats, attached to Email, and swiftly sent in one smooth operation.

Scan to file - This handy function allows pages to be scanned in either TIFF or PDF formats then sent automatically to a file server or client PC for easier access.

Scan to e-filing - Scan to e-filing allows data to be stored in the HDD of the e-STUDIO350 for output to print at any time in the future. This stored information can be edited with ease and even combined with data from different sources.

Fax - Print only the fax pages you need; respond with greater speed.

The e-STUDIO350 offers the convenience of Network-Fax, which enables paperless transmission, as well as the ability to store received faxes on your server or redirect them to Email -- giving you the power to print only what you want, when you want. The optional Fax board and RADF add versatility and speed. For transmission, the RADF feeds originals continuously and automatically, even if they are double-sided.

On Ramp/Off Ramp Gateway functions - On Ramp Gateway convenience allows documents to be received from F-code compatible G3 faxes and relayed to other Internet fax machines or PCs, while selection of the Off Ramp Gateway lets you turn the e-STUDIO350 into a communications hub -- receiving Email sent over the Internet and forwarding the messages to other offices as faxes via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Furthermore, the e-STUDIO350 uses the Internet for long distance faxes and the PSTN for local faxes, ensuring the most economical transmission type for each.

Multitasking - Toshiba’s advanced concurrent processing and Dual Agent technologies offer superb multitasking performance.

Concurrent Processing - Concurrent processing gives you the power to handle diverse jobs simultaneously, allowing you to send scanned data as Email, for example, while a print job is already in progress.

Dual Agent Function - Dual agent processing offers the obvious benefit of being able to do two jobs at the same time - allowing scanned data to be sent by Email, for example, while simultaneously saving the data to the hard drive.

Ease of Use - All-in-one, single-board architecture make for a more integrated interface and intuitive operation. That means vast improvements in ease of use.

Large, userfriendly, tilting control panel - A 1/2 VGA size control panel with easy-to-see icons makes operation of the e-STUDIO350 simple and accurate. Its ample size allows more controls to be displayed per screen, and a full QWERTY keyboard makes input so much easier. The control panel even tilts too, which makes it easier to see in different lighting situations and provides easier access for those in wheelchairs.

New Printer Driver - The e-STUDIO350 incorporates an easy-to-use Toshiba graphics-based print driver that makes use of common driver technology. Allowing easy operation via simple-to-understand menus and making all functions available from each and every PC in the network, this e-BRIDGE-enabled innovation makes it easy to increase overall productivity.

Address book - The e-STUDIO350 also offers a user-friendly address book function, which speeds and simplifies the input of fax numbers and Email addresses. Both a fax number and an Email/Internet fax address can be stored as a single entry for each party, and usage really couldn't be simpler - supporting access from the control panel or through the Web-based TopAccess utility.

Management Tools - The e-STUDIO350 has effective job management function and enhanced security function.

TopAccess - This innovative function adds browser-based convenience to job and device management. It allows control to be taken from any PC in the network and even supports the creation and modification of templates and address book management.

TopAccessDocMon - TopAccessDocMon empowers every member of the network with integrated control over jobs and devices. It also serves to reduce downtime by sending pop-up alerts to PCs when the e-STUDIO350 requires attention, or when paper needs to be replenished.

Scrambler Board - An optional Scrambler board offers heightened security, protecting all information held in the HDD of the e-STUDIO350 with high-level encryption.

Environmental Friendliness - A leader in developing products with minimal environmental impact, Toshiba is committed to protecting the environment. The e-STUDIO350 is “ENERGY STAR” compliant and meets the stringent energy standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The unit offers a shorter warm-up time and enhanced energy saving to reduce power consumption when not in use, and it was also designed to save paper. Toshiba PCBs are 100% lead-free, and about half of their recycled plastic parts are halogen free (by weight).The use of Chromium VI has been reduced for steel plates and screws. In addition, the e-STUDIO350 is quieter and produces fewer ozone-layer depleting emissions.


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